25+ Reasons for fair organic cotton: „Vegan” clothing


Misery is increasing on earth with the amount of us consuming more and more for less and lesser prices. What is the price for our greed, to get more and more, cheaper and cheaper?

No money on earth should be responsible for such misery like child labor, where children work under worst conditions, farmers have to struggle with surviving, dyers risk their health and even die due to exposure to harmful chemicals or whole rivers pollute and life is no more possible at that area.

The solution to this problem is the reduction or avoidance of toxic chemicals used in the whole manufacturing process.

And there organic cotton comes into play!


Effects on the environment

Benefits for you

Consumption, Quality and Ethics

Trustworthy certificates



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What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is grown under certain circumstances and rules from the environment institute. Chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are prohibited. Furthermore genetically manipulated plants and the harvest with chemical defoliants are strictly forbidden.

How can I recognize products with organic cotton?

Most of the time products are labeled with different certificates like the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). More information about that under “Trustworthy certificates”.

Are products made of organic cotton automatically organic products?

No, indeed the resource for the clothing is of organic origin, but the final product could be dyed synthetically or further processed with harmful chemicals, which contradicts the sense of organic products. Mario MARGA clothing for example uses only 100% natural dye and avoids toxins or harmful chemicals in all manufacturing processes. More information under “Natural Dyeing“.


Effects on the environment

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Reason #1: More drinking water

Due to organic growing more than half of the water is saved during the watering of the cotton. This does not only save precious drinking water for the farmers and the community but also let it stay clean.

Reason #2: Cleaner rivers

The production of 1 ton conventionally grown cotton pollutes 200 tons of water!

Reason #3: More fish!

Non poisoned rivers equals in more life in waters and therefore more fish for the people. This does not only benefits the community in that area but the whole environment.

Reason #4: Less herbicides and pesticides to the environment

Common grown cotton is responsible for the use of 25% of the worlds insecticides and 12% of the herbicides! Organic cotton avoids this huge amount of environmental pollution.

Reason #5: Less stress on farmer

Durch die Vermeidung von Spritzmitteln oder Entlaubungsmitteln sind die Bauern einer viel geringeren Belastung im Gegensatz zu konventionellen Anbaumethoden ausgesetzt.

Reason #6: Sustainable cultivation

Instead of expensive fertilizers farmers can use their own dung and compost for the acres. A specified succession gives the farmers the possibility to grow their own organic products so they are not bound to cotton. Furthermore the acres stay fertile and are not exploited.

Reason #7: Less CO2

One T-Shirt made from organic cotton releases during production (according to Ökoinstitut Freiburg) 1 kilo CO2 whereas commonly grown cotton can release up to 7 kilos CO2 per produced T-Shirt!

Reason #8: Earth remains fertile

When growing ecolocically, cotton needs a thick humus layer, which can save a lot more of water and nutrients. Furthermore crop rotations help keeping the fertility of the acres.

Reason #9: Better working conditions

Farmer and worker are less exposed to harmful chemicals.

Reason #10: Less energy consumption

Less water for watering, less fertilizer and less spraying agents means that less energy is consumed in the whole production process!

Reason #11: Economic growth 

Acres are not destroyed or polluted. Therefore it can be used sustainably and the economy can grow continuously.

Reason #12: No exploitation of the worker

Farmers can achieve better prices for organic grown cotton than with conventional cotton. In addition they save money on synthetic fertilizer.

Reason #13: No child labor

Organizations pay attention that pay standards are respected and child’s work ist completely avoided!


Benefits for you

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Reason #14: No toxic herbicides or pesticides

Your clothing is clean and free from toxic herbicides and pesticides which can harm your health.

Reason #15: No toxic bleaching

Normal cotton is often bleached or undergoes other chemicals procedures. Organic cotton avoids these methods of processing.

Reason #16: Less skin irritations

Many people get unexplainable skin irritations due to synthetic or toxic clothing. They often don’t think about that the reason may be their new clothing which they bought for under 5$.

Reason #17: Less contactallergies

Our skin is the biggest organ of our body! And the clothing we wear covers this organ almost fully! Toxic components may be released from the garments and be absorbed by our skin and can set off contactallergies. Organic cotton not!

Reason #18: Less synthetic components

Products made from organic cotton are 100% pure. There is no blend of polyester or elasthan.

Reason #19: More Nature!

If the dyeing is 100% natural, like in our products, you are holding a piece of true nature in your hands! But remember one thing, only the fewest use these expensive natural dyes! More information at “natural dyeing“.

Reason #20: Softer fabric

Organic cotton is harvested by hand and not by big machines which can harm the cotton. Therefore the cotton will always be softer and the quality will always be better. It feels soft on the skin.

Reason #21: Reduction of the toxic absorption through sweating

Every poison or toxic ingredient which gets into the garments in the whole production process has the potential to harm you while wearing it! Not a nice thought. That’s why we avoid all harmful chemicals.

Reason #22: No genetic engineering

Which consequences genetically engineered plants will have on us and the environment can no one predict securely! Fact is that in organic cotton, no genetic engineering is used.


Consumption, Quality and Ethics

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Reason #23: Be responsible

Our purchasing behavior is responsible how much big companies exploit other countries! In our opinion this is not tolerable and should be changed. Be responsible what you buy. What you give is what you get. Buy one shirt made responsibly than 10 shirts made from exploitation.

Reason #24: Be part of a trend going in the right direction

Until now the organic cotton amount in the global production is only 1%. Be part of a trend which heads to the right direction and help increase that tiny percent.

Reason #25: Avoid cheap prices and misery

If you recognize it or not. The cheaper you buy your clothes the more misery on the other side is created. This is a fact and won’t be changed unless we change. How about buying 2 T-Shirts with a good conscience, which also lasts longer, than 10 pieces produced in misery.

Reason #26: Be human

At the end of the day everyone decides on his own what is right or wrong. This guide is here to just give you maybe another perspective which you never considered before, why organic cotton is the better choice.


Trustworthy certificates


In a jungle of different organizations and certificates which appear almost daily, it is important to keep an overview. Because terms like “untreated cotton”, “green cotton” or “hand picked cotton” does not mean anything and lead to further confusion. Trustworthy certificates can be the “GOTS” (Global Organic Textile Standard) which our cotton is certificated and “Fair Wear Foundation”, “Soil Association” or “KBA”.


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