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Mario Marga Organic Clothing

We visited India and documented our whole production process. The first kids and women collection was developed with the nicest and most accurate working team we ever experienced.

The Marga Team visited the spinning mill, where organic cotton is processed to yarn and then knitted to fabric, ready for cutting and sewing. Furthermore the natural dyeing unit showed us live how non chemical dyeing is made.


Launched our first natural dyed organic cotton collection.


Mario Marga

Founder Mario Margarone who is of Italian and Greek origin created this brand in August 2015 for the desire to make better clothing. Fair in the manufacturing process, organic and environmental clean in the cotton growing process and finally non-poisonous in the dyeing process. Nowadays people tend to buy only the cheapest clothing. They want to consume as much as possible for as cheap as possible. But what is the price for this behavior?

  • Child work
  • Unhealthy workers
  • Environmental pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Clothing full of harmful chemicals
  • skin irritations etc.

This is not tolerable and should be changed by our buying habits. We can not understand how human beings can tolerate such bad consequences like child work and dyeing environment or workers – just to buy more and more cheaper clothing. But by the end of the day everyone has to answer this question for his own. We offer the people who want to change make a change an alternative.

That is why MARGA uses only 100% GOTS certified organic grown cotton for all the garments. Important drinking water is saved by this method of growing cotton. By reducing chemicals like herbicides or pesticides the environment, especially water is not polluted like in common grown cotton.

Furthermore we give importance to the manufacturing process and the workers included. It is important for us that every farmer or worker is rewarded fairly for their work. We also want to reduce health risks or other risks for the workers and avoid additional stress on them.

To reduce the use of harmful chemicals in the dyeing process, we had only one choice. And that is the use of 100% natural dyeing. We also avoid bleaching or the use of chemical color fixators. For the washing only bio-degradable soap is used which is better for the environment. A reduction in harmful chemicals and toxins benefits not only the workers and the environment, but also you as the wearer. Skin irritations which can occur when wearing toxic dyed clothing don’t happen with MARGA clothing.


All cotton fabric used in the MARGA garments are certified with the international recognized certification GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard). This standard make sure that the cotton is organic, the water use is reduced, and the human who have worked with the fabric all way through are rewarded in a fair way and have rights to pick.

We obtain only  organic cotton from 100% GOTS certified suppliers in India, who are known for best fabric quality and special softness. More information about the certification process can be read at the representative website of the organization itself.