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How-to be successful, Time

Successful == Time management

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” – said William Shakespeare. Ask yourself, when do I wake up and how long do I sleep? The Forbes Magazine recently asked successful billionaires how many hours they work a week, 30% of them work 60 hours and another 30% even more than 60+ hours a week! So with how many hours are you feeding your dream?

If you are not successful yet you have to change. Period. It is always about changing, everything changes.

  1. Change your wake up routine and start your day at 5:30 am in the morning! To early? Ask yourself if you truly want what you want. Those who want to succeed, sacrifice. Start your day with a workout, go jogging around the block or do yoga. That will wake you up truly and will set your mind to hard work from the beginning.
  2. How long do you sleep? 10 hours? 8 hours? Sleep faster! 6 hours of sleep should be enough, be prepared for days or weeks where 6 hours of sleep will be pure luxury to you! If you love sleep more than you want success you will not achieve the results you would be capable of.
  3. Make a chart of how many hours a day you spend with what activities. With this technique you will see what you have to change in order to be successful. If you spend 3 hours a day on social media and it is not bringing you any benefit, then quit that. And fill that free TIME with new routines.
  4. Invest TIME in yourself. Read books and widen your horizon, because knowledge is yours and nobody ever can take it away from you.

We better ourselves and the environment by investing much TIME in the research of natural dyeing technologies for our organic cotton garments. Be part of nature.

How to be successful - Time

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