MARIO MARGA Organic Clothing

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100% natural dye and organic cotton. Every piece is unique, hand dyed with old tradition, made ethically with the best natural materials. Limited to only 100 per design.

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  • Polo – white

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About Organic Clothing – Less pollution

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Few people realize that 20% of the worlds industrial pollution comes from textile dyeing. Cotton cultivation covers over 50% of the agricultural land but uses 75% of worlds insecticides. Furthermore the conventional production of 1 ton cotton fabric pollutes 200 tons of water. Genetically modified cotton which is 90% of the worlds used cotton needs 2 times more water to grow than organic cotton.

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We use only 100% of organic cotton, with 100% natural dyes. Biodegradable soap and vinegar is used for our dyeing, so we can assure not just clean clothes on our skin, but clean rivers, clean nature and a clean and non poisonous environment for everybody. This should be the target for every organic product on this planet, to aim for a better and healthier world.

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Our main target is to reduce the exposure of the human skin to pesticides and chemicals; therefore we only use dye that is 100% natural in the production process of our Organic Clothing. Natural dyeing with e.g. extractions of the plant Indigofera has a millennia-old tradition but was nearly completely replaced by synthetic dyeing methods especially during the last century.

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With our wide product range we want to do justice to the ever growing number of people all over the world that want to buy and wear Organic Clothing. By doing so, they also help saving the environment and establishing healthy working and living conditions for the workers.

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The benefits of Organic Clothing

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Organic Clothing comes with a huge variety of benefits. As mentioned above, we completely cut out the use of harmful chemicals in the dyeing or bleaching process. The cotton we use for our garments is GOTS certified. But not only is the wearer of our Organic Clothing benefitting from the renunciation of all kinds of synthetics and chemicals. Also animals and the environment in general take huge advantages of not being exposed to pesticides during the cultivation of our organic cotton or chemicals during the dyeing and bleaching process. The result is a cleaner environment and less water waste, which benefits not just nature but everyone.

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The sole usage of organic cotton for our Organic Clothing creates another huge advantage for the environment. In comparison with conventional farming methods, organic cotton farming uses up to only about half of the amount of water. The farmers are hence able to save valuable drinking water. Also, since around 1.5 tons of Carbon dioxide per acre is taken out of the atmosphere per year due to organic cotton farming, this method produces far less emissions and is therefore more sustainable.

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Every piece is unique

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If you buy our Organic Clothing you can be sure to not buy something “off the peg”. All of our clothes are hand dyed with old tradition using only 100% natural dye and no chemical color fixators. This method gives an incomparable character to each and every single piece of our Organic Clothing. The natural look is furthermore strengthened by the fact that the colors wash out for a little at first, creating different shades. This is only a sign of the natural identity of our Organic Clothing rather than a sign of poor quality.

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The use of indigo dye, old traditions and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in the production process is not the only thing that gives our Organic Clothing its natural identity. We also use printed organic based labels and Mother of Pearl Buttons that add more than just a nice little detail to high-quality clothing. It is all part of our philosophy to provide both affordable and sustainable Organic Clothing. More Information in our “natural dyeing” section.

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The difference between us and other retailers

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The problem is that most of these clothing retailers – not all of them, obviously – sell garment, which is not 100% organic. Even if the cotton might be cultivated on eco-friendly, sustainable farms, they sadly often use chemicals for dyeing and bleaching in the further production process. Although doing so contradicts the basic concept of Organic Clothing, they are still allowed to label their products this way and hence profit from other people’s efforts.

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You can be assured that we only use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which enables us to produce ethically with old traditions and the best quality you could possibly think of. The cotton is exposed to the smallest possible amount of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides during both cultivation and manufacturing, ensuring that neither the wearer of our garments nor the environment has to deal with any negative consequences.

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Fair Trade

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Another point that is very important to us is Fairtrade. By selling Organic Clothing we do not only want to provide you with a better way to dress, but also give the workers involved in cultivation and the production process an opportunity to a better and healthier life.

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Due to our pesticide free cotton and the avoiding of harmful chemicals in the dyeing process, stress on the workers and their health is minimized.

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