Natural Dyeing





Indigofera Tinctoria

Indigo dye is an organic compound with a distinctive blue color. Historically, indigo dye was used for thousands of years by extracting the color pigments from plants. Therefore chemicals absorbed by the skin, while wearing the clothing, is highly minimized. Another point is the environmental pollution which occurs when dyeing with synthetic colors. This does not happen in our natural dyeing process. And the earth stays a lot cleaner.  Shop indigo sweatshirts here.




Purple shades are realized by the secreted resin of the shellac bug. This natural dyeing is harvested from the trees in forests from India and Thailand. Please consider that our products are natural. Dye will wash out 10-15% due to no use of chemicals for color fixing. Shades of that color can occur and make every piece unique and special. This is a sign of high quality clothing with natural dye. Shop purple sweatshirts here.



Iron Salt

Metals are among the earliest dyes for textiles. In fact, ancient greys and blacks were almost all dyed with iron together with plant tannins. According to Liles, cottons and linens have been dyed to iron buff by placing the material in iron water springs or burying the material in wet, iron-containing mud often for a week or two. Shop black t-shirts or henley-shirts.

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