How to be successful - Read Books

How-to be successful, Read Books

Books == Knowledge

Let me tell you a quick story. In 2005 a student asked a question to two of the wealthiest men on earth, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

The answer could have been, the ability to fly, or to be super powerful. Instead both of them answered with being able to read super fast! The faster you can learn, the faster you can earn. Today knowledge is not only power, it is profit in every way. It is the best investment in yourself, an investment nobody can take away from you. Ask yourself these two simple questions.

  1. How fast can I read? – Do a speed reading test, you can google for it or just read a few sites, count the words and then divide the words by the time in minutes. For example 3.500 words / 10.5 mins = 333 wpm (words per minute). That is ok. The average adult reads at about 300 wpm. But a speedreader reads with 1.500 wpm! That is 5 times more than average, meaning a speedreader reads 5 books when you read 1. To improve your speed go to your city library and get some books about speed reading. It will definitely improve your speed reading skills.
  2. How many books do I read in a year? – Is it one every month? Or even fewer? Consider that leaders are readers! Make yourself a schedule to read your books, the more the better. Invest that time, don’t waste it.

How to be successful - Read Books

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